“We bring strong hearing healthcare industry knowledge combined with excellent search engine optimisation skills to ensure that our customers have the highest search engine visibility possible.”

About Us

Audiology Engine is the brainchild of Steve Claridge and Geoffrey Cooling. We both have years of experience across the hearing healthcare profession from different angles. We understand the technical aspects concerned with driving the visibility of audiology websites.

More importantly, we understand Patients and prospective Patients. Allowing us to deliver an emotionally engaging website that drives lead acquisition.  

Steve is an established software developer and the developer of Earmeter, an early online social proof platform for hearing healthcare practices. He believes in powerful but simple solutions.

Geoff, the author of justaudiologystuff.com, has been involved in both the retail and wholesale areas of the hearing healthcare world. He has worked as an Online Marketing and Business Development Consultant with some large Independent hearing healthcare practices in the UK and Ireland.

Delivering Audiology Design That Will Get Your Practice Noticed

Our vision

To combine our knowledge and skills to offer audiology SEO, audiology website design and online marketing to the hearing healthcare market. We offer products and services that will establish your online presence and drive the success of your business. We want to offer a service that will enable every Independent Practice to reach the people searching for hearing aids and hearing care in their area.

Mission statement

We will deliver best in class online marketing services for the Audiology profession. We will raise the profiles of our customers ensuring that they have outstanding levels of search engine visibility in order that they can secure qualified prospects. 
The Team
Geoff Cooling

Geoff has experience at both retail and wholesale level within the hearing healthcare world. He has been the author of the Just Audiology Stuff blog for several years. He regularly writes articles for industry publications pertaining to branding and on-line marketing. He understands SEO, social media, inbound marketing and online marketing as it pertains to the hearing healthcare world and brings this understanding to our services.

He has a wealth of experience in business development support in hearing healthcare. He is intimately aware of the difficult position that most independent practice owners find themselves in. Increasing competition from bigger players, a changing customer and changing technology make independent practice a more difficult proposition. He believes that his skill set can help your practice secure it's place and thrive.

Steve Claridge

Steve is a software engineer with vast experience of building websites, desktop applications and other software. He has built, among other things, a website that gets over twelve million visitors a month and has a seven-figure profit margin every year, tools for academic publishing and medical diagnostic software that is used all around the world to help clinicians locate and diagnose tumours.

He has been wearing hearing aids for over 30 years - what started as a mild sensorineural loss has now progressed to a severe one. He writes about his hearing loss at Hearing Aid Know and techy stuff at More Of Less.

"SEO And Social Media Strategies That Drive Views, Copy That Delivers Engagement And Websites That Deliver Leads"