Audiology SEO Book Launched

  • By Geoffrey Cooling on 26th of August 2016

Audiology SEO Book Cover

Audiology Marketing in a Digital World

A Modern Digital Audiology Marketing How To

Audiology marketing strategy online can be daunting, SEO and Content Marketing sound exotic and complex. They really aren't, so we set out to explain it to you in clear language. Not just that, we used clear examples that referenced Audiology SEO and Content. 

Our business has been subject to the forces of the internet just like every other sector. Modern prospects are searching for their hearing health providers online. If you aren't there and best dressed, you are in trouble.

Audiology SEO and online marketing may seem complex, but it isn't really. There are clear rules you need to follow, once you understand them it is all about writing the content. But what is the content that prospects want, why does your authority matter and how can you ensure that you stand out? Well I decided to write an Audiology SEO book that covered those topics and more. 

In the book I set out a step by step strategy to ensure that your online presence works for you, not against you. I also detail the articles you should write and why with a crash course introduction to all of the facets of inbound marketing for audiology. 

The book is available on Amazon in Kindle format, it is available across the different marketplaces. Take a look at the preview below.

A Review of Our Book


Don't buy this book, and your practice may not survive!


As the Hearing Healthcare industry continues to evolve at an incredible pace, it is easy for those of us on the retail distribution side to get overwhelmed. Especially when it comes to marketing our practices, or building our brands online. No on has done a better job of explaining exactly how to go about building your online Brand presence than Geoffrey Cooling. Failure to use the techniques, and methods contained and explained in this book WILL put your practice at an ever growing disadvantage going forward. Geoff's book on marketing your practice is as fundamental to your practice's financial health as Katz is to Audiology education.

5 out of 5
Audiology Marketing in a Digital World: Modern Digital Audiology Marketing How To A book outlining SEO and content marketing for audiology practices.

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