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We try our best to offer informative articles about audiology SEO, audiology Website design and using your on-line channels to drive leads and appointments. If you have any specific queries that relate to something we haven't covered, don't hesitate to contact us. Sharing information is something we really love to do. 

Unitron Engage 2016

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 24th September 2016

Unitron Engage 2016 Barcelona

I am just back from Unitron Engage 2016 which was held in the beautiful city of Barcelona. As always with an Engage event it was two days packed with interesting speakers and presentations. While I was there I became convinced that Unitron is really the only manufacturer that has realy focused on the Patient experience. While introducing ever more innovative hearing aids, they are one of the few manufacturers who are really innovating around

Audiology SEO Book Launched

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 26th of August 2016

Audiology SEO Book Cover

Audiology marketing strategy online can be daunting, SEO and Content Marketing sound exotic and complex. They really aren't, so we set out to explain it to you in clear language. Not just that, we used clear examples that referenced Audiology SEO and Content.  Our business has been subject to the forces of the internet just like every other sector. Modern prospects are searching for their hearing health providers online. If you aren't there and

Using Outcomes on Audiology Websites

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 10th July 2016

Widex Lifestyle picture

Widex Lifestyle Pic

I wrote an article quite a while ago about using outcomes in audiology marketing, it was one of those quick ones that I wrote out after coming up with an idea. In essence, I didn't really explore the concept deeply in the article but I think people got the gist. As I discussed a couple of articles ago, we ourselves have been on a journey of discovery when it comes to website layout. We have a better understanding of what we need to do to engage

Make it quick and simple for customers to call you whilst browsing your website.

    By Steve Claridge on 7th July 2016

You are searching for a local plumber on your iPhone. You visit and like the look of the company, you want to give them a call to arrange a visit, you find the number on the home page but even though you are using your iPhone you can't just call the number from the website so you get a pen and paper and write it down, or even more of a pain, you copy/paste it from the website and copy/paste it in to your phone dialler

Engaging & Converting With Webpage Design

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 19th June 2016

Engaging the customer

While good Audiology SEO is imperative on every site we build, the design and page structure is just as important for conversion. When we design a site we do so to meet several outlined needs. We want it to These needs are always competing, a pretty and engaging site will not convert prospects if none of them see it. So ranking well is primary, once the site is ranked well we can then experiment and tweak things to increase engagement and

Unitron Unite University 2016

    By Geoff Cooling on 17th June 2016

Unite University

I just attended the Unitron Unite University in Manchester, it is my second time to attend the event and it is one I thoroughly enjoy. The events are outstanding, two days of learning focused on securing and growing your hearing healthcare practice and no one talks about hearing aids. It is one of the elements that Unitron is committed to providing to support the Independent sector. For those who have never attended, I would say that you are

Supporting Our Customers Online

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 20th March 2016

Clear honest advice on hearing aids

We believe that we should be taking every measure possible to support our customers. It is part of our ethos and a closely held belief. We also are passionate about the profession of Audiology and Independent hearing health care. So we have come up with an online strategy to support both in the United Kingdom & Ireland.  Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against big box or national hearing aids providers. In fact I have great respect for two

Branding The Audiology Profession

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 7th of March 2016

Saving the profession

We discuss brand a lot here at Audiology Engine, we think that it is imperative for us to really understand our customers in order that we can represent that brand on the website. We feel that this is exceptionally important, we also know that the brand we represent on the website has to be exactly the same as the brand feel when a prospect enters the Practice. So we take great care to get to know our customers in order that there is no

The Monster That is THAAC

    By Geoffrey Cooling on the 23rd of January 2016

We have been undertaking the largest build to date over the last few months. The hearing Aid Advice Centre is owned and run by Colin Forrest in Scotland. The site is huge and has been in existence for many years. At one stage the site would have been high in the rankings for any hearing related search undertaken in the UK, however, it was hit with a penalty a couple of years ago and never really recovered. We undertook a bit of work on the site

Innovative Technology That Supports Tinnitus Therapy

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 20th January 2016

Tinnitus Sound Therapy

I believe that innovation is the lifeblood of our society, it is the one thing that is guaranteed to get me excited. Technological innovation allows our society to progress, makes our lives easier. I believe that it is something that we should not be afraid of, it is something that we should embrace.  Recently, innovation around hearing aids has un-settled many within our profession. I believe that we should view that innovation with an eye to

You Should Be Getting Leads From Your Website

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 15th January 2016

Leads equals business, equals money.

We believed when we started Audiology Engine that we could deliver nearly daily lead enquiries to some of our customers that were directly attributable to the websites that we built them. This type of lead generation figure is only possible in large urban areas. We realise that websites focused on areas with fewer people would lead to fewer lead enquiries, but we believed that all of our websites would drive lead generation. 

Focus On Qualified Prospect Searches

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 26th January 2016

search returns for best hearing aids Worcester

Imagine having the first three entries on the first page of Google for a search term that drives qualified leads, imagine having the first five. As part of our ongoing SEO and content marketing services for our customers we focus on searches that we believe will deliver qualified leads to our customers. Leads that will turn into appointments and revenue. That is the constant focus of our efforts. 

Introducing Hearing Tracker 

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 7th January 2015

Hearing Tracker

That is probably the best way to pitch Hearing Tracker, it is a cross between a Hearing Healthcare business directory site, an Audiologist directory site, a hearing aid directory site, oh and a review site for all three. So Yelp for the hearing aid profession probably quintessentially captures it. Abram Bailey boldly states that it is the future of hearing care, and he is probably right to a great extent.

Let's Talk The Future Of Audiology

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on the 1st January 2016

What to do to secure your Audiology future

I said in the last article that we need to embrace innovation and emerging technology if we wish to survive. I stand by that statement, if you don't move forward delivering what the consumer wants, in the manner that the consumer wants it, you will not survive. I believe that PSAPs will not do any damage to hearing aid sales, in fact it would be my opinion that if we handle the sales of PSAPs it will actually encourage greater adoption of

Hold Tight, It's Going To Be A Wild Ride!

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 26th December 2015

A wild ride

Change is the outlook for Audiology in 2016, we all know it, but will you be a part of it, or be a victim of it? It's still not too late to decide I spoke in Audiology Future 2016 about the outlook for next year, we all know that next year will probably see the introduction of new players, new devices and possible new regulations that will enforce change on Audiology in the States and internationally. The key here is that the change can not be

Audiology SEO, Those Tips I promised

Search engine optimisation has changed quite a bit over the last two years. In fact it is an ever evolving concept with new elements and conceptual thinking arriving at an almost daily rate. Even for someone who is fascinated with the subject, it can be hard to keep up.  The best advice I have, wait for it.... is write for prospects. Yup, believe it or not that is the single best piece of advice I can give you in the modern SEO landscape. Google

2016, What's The Future For Audiology?

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 22nd December 2015

Future gazing

The future we have all spoken about seems to be approaching ever faster! You know that statement would be funny if it actually wasn't such a serious matter for so many. Is 2016 going to be the year for massive change in the Audiology profession and Industry? Yes, no and maybe. Let's look at what we know, how it might affect us and perhaps what we can do. In the next part I will take a little deeper look at exactly what we can do in Practice that

Hearing Aid Centre in Melbourne

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 12th December 2015

Hearing aid centre in Melbourne

You know I have great respect for Aussies, I mean anyone who lives in a country where even the flora is trying to kill them deserves respect! Getting out of bed in the morning in Australia takes courage, between snakes, jellyfish, almost invisible spiders with enough venom to kill elephants (I mean why? Why God?) they are very special people.  We have done some work in Australia up to now with site assessments and SEO analysis, but we have never

SEO For Audiology, Tips From An Expert

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 9th December 2015

SEO For Audiology

You all can stop laughing now, my famed Irish sense of humour is getting the better of me again. I am by no means a professional expert. I've never taken a course or had formal education on SEO. In fact, when I started doing SEO, there was no formal education on the subject. All there was really was a bunch of other nerds like me who were fascinated with the internet and how search engines worked. We were riding the crest of a new wave giggling

Reaching The Customer

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 2nd December 2015

Reaching the prospect

Prospects, irritating bunch aren't they? They are wise to all the marketing blurb and the shiny presentation, in fact so wise they nearly turn off to it. Prospects in the healthcare sector are maybe even worse, this isn't shiny baubles to make them feel better, this is often life changing decisions. So what is important to them and how are we to reach them? By engaging them, we can reach them by engaging them, offering them information that they

Branding, Trust & Cognitive Dissonance

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 29th November 2015

hearing aids Leicester

I have talked a lot over the years about brand, authority and trust in hearing healthcare. Just lately we feel that we see the proof of what we have spoken about. I talked quite a bit about Worcester Hearing Centre, now I would like to focus on Hear4U in Leicester. They were the original video site that we designed and built. There was quite a bit of to and fro with the owner Samantha (Sam) Bennett in relation to the site. Her ideas were formed

8K Last Week From Their Audiology Website

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 28th November 2015

Worcester Hearing Centre

In the last article, Audiology Websites Driving Revenue, I spoke about some of our websites, their commercial performance and the outcomes driven by them. During the week I received an email that seems to confirm the theory we have been working on that rises in ASP is been driven by the perception of the site and the brand.  We have been trying to measure a lot of things in relation to the impact of our sites. Some are easy for us to measure

How Can Your Website Drive Revenue?

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on the 19th of November 2015

Audiology websites that drive revenue

Trust in our business is paramount, it is the lifeblood of our continued success. I have often talked about trust on these pages and others. I would like to take one more opportunity to talk about trust and why I think our best performing sites perform in the way they do, I will probably ramble, because even now my thoughts on this aren't completely coherent. But hey, it may actually be worth the ride, so stick with me a while. 

What Should Your Website Be Delivering?

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 17th of November 2015

Website revenue

We have recently delivered websites that are the culmination of what we have learned while in the website design business and what we thought would drive conversion. Those websites are specifically video sites. They are the highest deliverer of return on investment that we produce. But exactly what have they delivered? We asked Tom Dixon to give us a rundown on what has happened with his Practice since the new site was introduced. In terms of

Is Perceived Value More Of A Barrier To Hearing Aid Adoption Than Price?

    By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. 16th of November 2015

Is perceived value more of a barrier to hearing aid adoption?

Is perceived value the real problem and have Unitron introduced something that can help us increase it? I have spoken a lot about trust on this blog and others of late, in fact recently I had an epiphany about trust and buyers remorse which was helped along by a hearing loss advocate. So I have been thinking about trust as it pertains to our business for a while now. Identifying first of all the need to engender trust and techniques and elements

Hearing Aid Centre in Kent

    By Geoffrey Cooling 12th of November 2015

Regain Hearing Kent

We recently undertook a build for Regain Hearing in Kent who offer hearing aids, hearing tests and hearing healthcare in Kent. The build itself was interesting because they provided a huge amount of images which allowed us to do what we like best, make the site really visual.  Something that we don't normally do is support a Practice who holds many events. Regain hearing is different, they were mostly a domiciliary business and they hold regular

How using the right SEO keywords gets your practice's website found in Google

    By Steve Claridge on 10th November 2015

Picking the right words and phrases to use on your audiology website can have a massive difference on where your site's pages appear in search engine results and thus how many potential customers you attract to your site.  A large part of any online marketing effort is making changes to a website and its pages so that they appear as highly as possible in relevant searches in Google and other search engines. Everyone wants to be at the top of

How to create and update pages and blog posts on your website

    By Steve Claridge on 2nd November 2015

Anybody running an Audiology Engine-powered website has the ability to create and amend the content of their site. We have tried to make it as easy as possible to create new pages and also edit existing ones - it works a little differently from common website systems like WordPress and Joomla. This tutorial walks you through creating a new page on your website and then updating some text and images on the page. This tutorial assumes you are able

Measure Your Success on Adwords

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 1st November 2015

Measuring return on investment

Recently we have been taking over or reviewing a lot of Google AdWords accounts for Audiology customers. I was surprised to see the way these accounts were set up in relation to tracking campaigns and reporting. In essence they weren't, none of the accounts we have looked at were set up to track on-site conversions nor were they set up to send reports.  Why bother spend money if you are not going to measure the impact of that spend? It is easy

Advanced Hearing Services in Guernsey

    By Geoffrey Cooling on 15th October 2015

Advanced Hearing Guernsey

We have recently finished a couple of websites, one of which was for a prestige hearing aid centre in Guernsey. Advanced Hearing Services is a local family run independent hearing healthcare practice with a long history in Guernsey. The centre is owned and run by Mario Cavagnetto and his wife. Mario takes every effort to ensure that he provides a world class service that meets the highest clinical standards but still affords great warmth and

Patient Retention, The Key To Your Success

    Patient or customer retention is the key to success in healthcare

    I wrote an article a very long time ago on the Just Stuff blog about ten tips for Patient Retention. At the time it was a hot and growing topic in both our industry and across the healthcare world. I think we are much smarter than we were when it comes to the benefits delivered by Patient retention, but it is still worth re-visiting.  The Top 10% Practices are Built on Return Customers Patient retention is a key issue for continued success in

    Testimonials As Case Studies

      By Geoff Cooling on 20th September 2015

    audiology marketing

    Testimonials are gifts from Patients, if you use them properly they can establish you as the provider to do business with. In depth testimonials can also be used as case studies, case studies that you can use to drive belief in you as a provider. You can also use them to target online search patterns as part of your content marketing strategy. An in-depth testimonial that outlines a Patient's experience with you and their hearing aids can be

    Making Your Audiology Website A Rocket Powered Lead Converting Machine!

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 15th September 2015

    Make your audiology website a rocket powered lead machine

    Every Practice needs to spend time, money and creative thought to design and implement a brochure. It is an integral part of their Practice branding exercise and can be used effectively to support the brand. However once you hand out that brochure and the prospect walks away, that’s the end of the engagement. You have to hope that the content you put in print is engaging enough to spur action. Because a brochure delivers no other pro-active

    Digital Marketing Presentations

      By Geoff Cooling on 13th September 2015

    Digital Audiology Marketing Master Class

    We have placed a couple of the presentations from the Master Class up on slideshare. They are helpful, however because of my style of presentation, there is a lot missing. I only use slides as structure points, I talk a lot!!! So, the presentation slides never have all the good stuff, but they at least point the way. The first one up is: This presentation outlined what we have found in relation to using Pay Per Click as part of your online

    Digital Audiology Marketing Masterclass

      By Geoff Cooling on 12th of September 2015

    Call To Actions in website design

    We had a busy few days this week with the master classes. Both of them were well attended and both were excellent experiences for us and according to the feedback, pretty good for the attendees. It was also Steve's first time ever to present, he did well but it has been funny to watch him prepare over the last few weeks. I don't know how many iterations of his presentations he has gone through.  We decided to keep the groups small, in order that

    Articles & Pages That Drive Views & Leads

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 06th September 2015

    Driving leads on your audiology website

    We are nerdy blokes here, by now I have no doubt that you already know that. One of the things we really love is data, hard data that allows us to make decisions on what we are doing. Without it, it is pointless trying to drive business for our customers. Because we would not have the full picture, we would be missing the part that tells us what is working. More importantly, we would be missing the part that tells us what isn't. 

    How to get inbound links to your Audiology Website

      By Steve Claridge on 2nd September 2015

    Finding links

    The Web is essentially a giant voting system, i.e. the sites with the most "votes" get to the top of the search engine results. There are of course many other factors that affect where a webpage shows up in search results but underpinning everything is the idea of votes, or as they are more commonly known: links. A webpage with many links to it is seen by Google as being as page that contains good and reliable information, after all, people are

    Do you know if your website is running right now?

      By Steve Claridge on 2nd September 2015

    monitoring your website to keep it working

    How confident are you that your website is online and working properly as you read this? No peeking now, is your website up and running? When was the last time you looked at it?  As an important part of your practice's marketing and customer acquisition strategy, your website needs to be online 24/7. If there is a problem with it and it goes offline, you want it back up and operational as soon as possible.

    A Very Nice Customer Testimonial

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 27th August 2015

    Worcester Hearing Centre Website

    Unfortunately, we are like Irish Builders, making sure our customer's homes are perfect and not looking after our own. We constantly drive our customers to get testimonials and we hardly ever ask for them ourselves. Hey, what can you do. However, Tom Dixon from Worcester Hearing Centre sent us this and we really knew we had to actually sort ourselves out. Thanks to Tom for such an excellent testimonial. 

    That Can't Be Right!!??

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 26th August 2015

    Website lead growth

    It is very early days, and normally we don't talk about results until we have real quantitative data. However, the results in this case are worth talking about, even at an early stage. I have talked about the use of social proof for a long time over many articles on this site and the Just Audiology Stuff Blog. I have even published quantitative data from research published on other excellent sites.  But, I have been abysmal in my success

    Visual CTAs & Engaging Audiology Websites

      By Geoff Cooling on 15th August 201

    Worcester Hearing Website Build

    In our latest builds we have started to use a new strategy based on best  practice knowledge on social proof and call to actions. We begun the strategy with, expanded it with We have now completed a new build that brings together all of our learnings from those sites.  Worcester Hearing Centre is a premium independent hearing healthcare practice in Worcester UK. They asked us to build a site that updated

    Driving Social Proof With Video

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 6th August 2015

    Hear4u website build

    We have just undertaken a build for Hear4u in the United Kingdom. Hear4U is a premium hearing healthcare centre in Leicester. It was a real pleasure to do because we managed to convince the owner to commission some excellent video. the finished product is excellent and benefits from a magnificent video that sets the tone for the brand.  We also made the site a much more visual site, using some really fantastic pictures that were supplied to us.

    Engendering Trust in Your Online Presence

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 26th July 2015

    Engendering trust with your online healthcare presence

    Trust plays a huge part in all human relationships; it is at the core of all good relationships. When trust breaks down in a relationship, the fall out tends to be terrible, the emotions unleashed are powerful. This is as true for professional relationships as it is for personal relationships. Trust is an important part of any relationship; in a professional relationship it is imperative. In business model terms there are recognized ways to

    Innovation In Audiology: Buying A Hearing Aid

      By Steve Claridge on 21st July 2015

    This is the first part of our "Innovation In Audiology: The Patient's Perspective" series. Go here to read all of the series and get some background on why we are writing this.  I read with interest an article on Hearing Health Matters called "Why Purchasing Hearing Aids Is Like Buying A Wedding Dress" - I agree with a lot of the comparisons that were made but I don't think those comparisons exist for the right reasons and I don't think they

    Innovation In Audiology: The Patient's Perspective

      By Steve Claridge on 21st July 2015

    As a long-term hearing aid wearer I am very happy to see that people are starting to talk more about innovation and disruption in the Audiology business, it has been a long time coming. We are starting to see more crowd-funded hearing aids devices under the banner of Wearables and the big hearing aid manufacturers are taking advantage of the fact that many people are now carrying smarthphones. But what do the patients really want from hearing

    Training Days With Unite University

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 14th July 2015

    Audiology Engine have partnered with Unite University to create Digital Marketing Master Class 2015. This is a highly practical 1 day course designed to ensure participants have a confident understanding of the digital marketing landscape and the opportunities it provides. The Digital Marketing Master Class 2015 has been designed for those who want to understand the key elements of using digital marketing effectively within their business,

    New Offerings in the Hearing Industry

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 8th July 2015


    As part of the project that myself and others are undertaking on the future business model for audiology we have looked at new product offerings. One of the things that we have looked at is custom hearables and hearables in general.  We already have hearables at our disposal, the LiNX2 is a hearable in the context that is currently used. The question is how can we use it in our practices and who do we offer it to? Not just that, what exactly are

    Video is the answer for real engagement

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 30th June 2015

    Word of mouth amplified

    For many years I have talked about using social proof across your web presence in healthcare to drive deep engagement with prospects. People trust other people, the phenomenon at its' core is simply, "they bought or used it with a good experience, so should I". We have always said that we believe the most powerful form of social proof is video. It is at the very top of the hierarchy. We have finally got the opportunity to test the concept with a

    Let's Disrupt Audiology

      By Geoff Cooling on 13th June 2015


    By now I think that you should know that I believe in disruption in business models. Disruption is happening across all industries and we in Audiology are beginning to feel it now. So I thought to myself if disruption is inevitable, and it is, why shouldn't it be us that disrupts?  So I have started a project that will allow anybody who is interested to get involved in ideation around the possibilities of the future Audiology business model. I

    Disruptive Forces, Technology & The Future of Audiology

      By Geoffrey Cooling 8th of May 2015

    disruptive forces in audiology

    As you may know, I attended the Phonak retail seminar recently, one of the talks by Francois Julita fascinated me. It was an exploration of the future possibilities for audiology. A second presentation about the future of fitting software stoked the fire further. I have been thinking about the possibilities ever since.  There is much talk of disruptive innovation in the modern world. With news of new start ups everyday that are going to do

    Phonak 2020 Retail Seminar

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 8th May 2015

    Presenting on Audiology SEO and website design

    I was asked to both speak and run workshops at the recent Phonak Retail Seminar in Stockholm, Sweden. The event went exceptionally well and I received some good feedback from the attendees. Enough about my part, I spoke, no-one fell asleep, result, because the rest of the event was excellent. Phonak engaged experts from many industries to discuss differing elements of business over the three days.

    Quick SEO Tasks To Rescue Your Site

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 22nd of April 2015

    Audiology SEO that will help your website rank

    So what are SEO techniques and how can you implement them? I have researched the most common SEO techniques that have been utilized over the last few years and the following list of techniques are probably the most used and efficacious. Key words and key phrases are what your potential customer are entering into search engines to access information around our industry. Your number 1 marketing goal should be to identify at least a handful of

    The Audiology Engine website administration panel

      By Steve Claridge on 27th April 2015

    All webites running on our Audiology Web platform have an in-built administration panel that lets you easily manage the website. It allows you to add/remove/edit pages, manage items in the online shop, update social media profiles, check marketing details and more. I previously wrote about how to log in to your audiology website, once you have successfully logged in you will see the main dashboard, which is the screen shown in the image at the

    Logging in to your Audiology Engine website

      By Steve Claridge on 14th April 2015

    All websites running on our Audiology Engine Web platform have an in-built administration area that you can use to add/edit/remove pages or blog posts, check marketing data, manage items in your online store and many other things.  To get to your admin area you need to go to the /admin URL of your site, for example, the URL for our admin panel is Each site's admin area has one email/password combination for

    Building a Funnel With Audiology Website Design Elements

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 29th March 2015

    audiology design driving website leads

    I have spoken here and elsewhere about building a funnel within your website that will drive prospects viewers to enquiries. It struck me recently that some people probably think it is bunkum. The thought was driven by the reaction of one of our customers in recent days.  I know the man in question for quite a while, he is an astute businessman and we have had a good working relationship over the years. He recently became a customer of ours at

    Mobile in Audiology Design is Now Imperative

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 26th March 2015

    Prepare for a steep drop in website visitors if your website is not responsive

    We have said it here before, responsive or mobile friendly websites are exceptionally important as mobile search is becoming very important in healthcare. The importance until now has primarily been for user experience, although it should be pointed out the better the experience, the clearer the funnel elements, the better the conversion from viewers to prospects.  However, earlier this year I warned you that I felt mobile responsivness

    Create strong passwords to protect your business

      By Steve Claridge on 25th March 2015

    Password security is a huge problem. Almost all online services require you to enter a password and many people do not realise that the passwords their are using are making themselves vulnerable to people who want to steal their money, hijack their accounts, destroy their websites or worse.  When people use weak passwords it is akin to leaving your front door open and propping up a big sign saying, "I'm out for a few hours, feel free to take

    A New Site For Audiology SEO & Design

      By Geoffrey Cooling on 21st March 2015

    audiology SEO website re-launch

    We took a decision a while ago to re-design the site, our platform had changed, our service offering had evolved as had our understanding of what we were delivering to our customers. So we thought we needed a new site to reflect those changes. Our old site was well liked and we got some really great comments on it, hopefully, this one will be as well received. I think that most of you would know that while we deliver excellent work, we don't

    Audiology SEO, Audiology Landing Page Design For PPC

      Written on Saturday, January 31, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    In a post a while ago we discussed a PPC experiment that we had undertaken to assess the effectiveness and value of PPC as part of an Audiology marketing strategy. Whilst the experiment was limited it did provide us with data and technical experience that was priceless. In synopsis, we found that PPC could be a very effective channel of marketing, but only under certain circumstances that could reduce cost and maximise ROI. There are many

    Bundled V Unbundled, Audiology, The Future Delivery Model

      Written on Thursday, January 29, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    We have debated the merits of bundled and unbundled for some time, whilst some consider it the way forward, many are still hesitant. There are many reasons put forward for the hesitancy, whilst on the other hand the prime reason given for unbundling is the promotion of services and professional identity. I think the biggest fear for change over is revenue drop. I understand that fear and the arguments that have been put forward to support it.

    Will Google Penalise Non Mobile Friendly Websites?

      Written on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Google has been working diligently to improve their mobile search results to deliver a better experience for users searching on smartphones and tablets. One of the most recent changes has been displaying a “mobile-friendly” tag next to websites in mobile search results that have been confirmed to display correctly on a mobile screen. To earn a mobile-friendly label your site needs to pass criteria set by Google. They have made a tool available

    Marketing Calendar For 2015

      Written on Monday, January 19, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Did you know there was a Banana Cream Pie Day? I certainly didn’t, there are a lot of opportunities to have a bit of fun with your marketing calendar throughout 2015 but it is hard to keep up. So I have put a calendar together on Google with the relevant dates, it is a work in process and I have got as far as August. I will continue to add dates and I will add notifications to all of the dates over the next week or two. I have shared the

    Hearing Loss e-book Template

      Written on Saturday, January 17, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    This is the first of a series of downloadable e-books that we plan to offer, this is a very simple to modify hearing loss e-book template. Simply download it, follow the instructions and then save it as a pdf. Voila, you now have a brand specific hearing loss e-book that you can place on your site as a free download. Offfering downloadable iformaton to your website visitors is a great way to capture e-mail addresses of potential customers; or

    Subscribe To Our Mailing List

      Written on Friday, January 16, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    We take your data very seriously, we will never use it for anything other than the occasional update on what we are up to and for offers like free downloads that are of use to you. We won’t and don’t share your details with anyone else. We plan to begin making handy downloads available for our subscribers such as templates for e-book downloads, handy tools to check your site and plain old good advice.

    Live Chat As A Viable Conversion Tool

      Written on Thursday, January 15, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    I wrote some time ago on the Just Audiology Stuff blog about my experience with live chat on a website I had visited. I had decided to organise health insurance for myself and my family under un-relenting pressure from the wife. So I thought to myself, nerd that I am, let’s go online and sort it out right? It will be grand I said, what could go wrong! Do you have any idea how complicated health insurance products are? I thought tax returns were

    Supporting Multi-Locations With Off-Site Audiology SEO

      Written on Sunday, January 11, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    In the last article I spoke about setting up pages or sub directories for you different Practice locations as part of your audiology SEO strategy. In this article I want to talk about how you can then support those pages in the local search rankings. It makes sense for you to set up individual social media profiles for each individual Practice location but only certain profiles. In particular you should consider setting up individual Google My

    New logo sneak-peak. Website rebrand coming soon….

      Written on Saturday, January 10, 2015 by Steve Claridge

    We thought that the new year would be a good excuse for us to refresh our website, we wanted to give it a shinier coat of paint, update the content and also add some new pages showcasing our products and services. We’ve got big plans for 2015 and a new-look site seemed like a good place to start! The site is still a week or two away but here’s our new logo:

    Audiology SEO for Multiple Audiology Locations

      Written on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    If Google thinks it’s important, then we should probably be paying attention to it. The release of Google My Business in June and the “Pigeon” update to their search algorithm soon after in July tend to indicate that local business listings are important to the search giant. Multi-location brands need to understand what this means for their differing geographical outlets and the benefits of higher ranking for local pages. But what should be the

    Audiology SEO For 2015, Localise Your Site

      Written on Monday, January 5, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    As a company that offers SEO services for healthcare we keep abreast of any changes in strategy that search engines undertake. Because of changes that have occurred within the search engine’s algorithms during the last year, the focus of the audiology SEO strategy that we provide is focused on local search. Both Google and Bing have made no secret that they are focused on delivering localised search results to their users. What this means in

    Your 2015 Digital Audiology Marketing Strategy

      Written on Thursday, January 1, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Digital marketing is only becoming more important as the years pass. If you haven’t got a strategy for your digital audiology marketing, you badly need one for 2015. Leads generated from online sources are just increasing year after year. They are now thought to be perhaps a bigger percentage than leads generated from existing Patients. But what elements do you need to consider for 2015? If this isn’t your first year with a digital strategy

    Audiology Advertising In 2015, Planning Your Marketing Activity

      Written on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    I get to talk to quite a few people from around the world within the Audiology profession. Through this network I can see changing attitudes to marketing. More Practice owners are taking marketing spend more seriously. Many are talking about assessing past marketing activities for ROI in an in-depth way. A few have admitted that it is only in the last year that they have started to adequately track leads in order that they can make decisions

    Beware Your SEO Company

      Written on Tuesday, December 23, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Before we start, one question, would you be happy paying for the promotion of another Practice’s website? You might answer no right now, but I bet I can change your mind by the end of this article. This is the story of the professionals, the disaster,  denied access, the use of a Practice’s website to promote another and the hidden back links that could generate a Google penalty. A not so rip roaring yarn that should serve as a caution for

    An introduction to our technology

      Written on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 by Steve Claridge

    When Geoff and I started Audiology Engine we talked at length about what systems and services we wanted to offer to audiology practices and what tools we would need to be able to do that. It quickly became clear that off-the-shelf products like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal would not fit the bill; whilst they are all great pieces of software in their own right, they soon become cumbersome when you try and use them for something that we weren’t

    Audiology Pay Per Click Campaign Experiment

      Written on Friday, December 5, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    We decided to take a look at Google Adwords for an experiment in Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). We had heard from several people that PPC was costing and not necessarily delivering returns. So we decided to have a look at it and test a campaign in the short term to gauge ROI and costings. As per our last post we approached the experiment in a particular way, we decided to be very focused with keyword phrases and design a landing page that was

    Pay Per Click Advertising For Audiology

      Written on Saturday, November 8, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Pay Per Click advertising (Google Adwords primarily) is becoming more prevalent within the business of Audiology. It is an important facet of the digital marketing strategy of a Practice. It is an attractive medium for advertising, in particular since Google upgraded their ability to target prospects in a more definitive manner. The ability to target a certain demographic, in a certain area who are searching for keywords pertaining to our

    Donal MacNally Audiology Website Build

      Written on Sunday, October 26, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Each audiology website build is interesting in and of itself, delivering the desired effect with the different elements at your disposal is always fun. The key is to ensure that you don’t become repetitive, I think that will always be a challenge. In the case of the Donal MacNally site the brief was to help drive a premium brand and communicate the efforts that they have gone to deliver the very best in hearing aid fitting.

    The Case For Mobile in Hearing Healthcare

      Written on Sunday, October 19, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    I read a great article recently by Kathy Roy Gaughran, 10 More Compelling Reasons. It detailed the reasons that made it imperative that healthcare think mobile. The article is as important to us in hearing healthcare as it is to the wider healthcare audience. The shift towards mobile in all things internet continues gathering pace worldwide. More and more people are using mobile devices to surf, shop, research and find information.

    Website Elements That Drive Engagement

      Written on Thursday, October 16, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    At Audiology Engine one of our core beliefs is that every website we build should drive engagement and trust in it’s viewers. We use very modern designs in our website builds, making them both responsive and adaptive. Responsive simply means that the websites will display in a suitable manner on all screen sizes. Adaptive pertains to some elements being designed to only appear on smaller devices and being invisible on large screens.

    A Hearing Healthcare Product Website Build

      Written on Thursday, September 25, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Our latest build was an interesting one on many levels, firstly it was primarily a hearing healthcare product website. An entire website designed primarily around one product is a little unusual in our Profession. But the Lyric product is such that it demands this type of dedicated vehicle. The second interesting departure was that the website was a vehicle for two separate Indepebdent hearing healthcare Practices. Not something that happens

    An In-Depth Hearing Healthcare Website Build

      Written on Thursday, September 25, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Our latest hearing healthcare website build was for a business in San Jose in California. The owner, a particularly patient lady, was referred to us by a friend. She owns a large multi site hearing healthcare company which has been in existence since 2001. The Practice is a combined diagnostic and hearing aid supplier with the emphasis on diagnostic audiology. It quickly became clear to us from our conversations that the overall brand of the

    Addressing Viewer Personas On Your Website

      Written on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    I have spoken before about buyer personas and how I thought that concept was valid for use in website design. I used the term viewer personas and talked about three general segmentations. The researching for a loved ones, the new to this whole things and the experienced users. It is common for marketers to endeavour to address different personas with marketing messages. We are trying to take those people into account in our website design

    Practice Refurbishment

      Written on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    There is an increasing focus on Practice presentation both within our profession but also in the wider healthcare arena. The Optical profession having gone through what private audiological Practice faces today is a case in point. I remember several years ago becoming very cognizant of a change in thought in the Independent Optical world. It was very obvious that the smart ones were making big changes to their Practices. Changes in relation to

    Healthcare Consumers, Their Wants And Needs

      Written on Wednesday, September 3, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling 

    I read an excellent article on a blog site called Healthcare Success by Lonnie Hirsch recently. It related to the change in Doctor/Patient relationship and its effect on the wider healthcare industry. In essence and reminiscent of hearing healthcare, Doctors and patients have adopted new roles for themselves in the healthcare delivery system.  He said that “the “new normal” for patients includes a stronger and more proactive participation in

    The Rise and Fall of The Authorship Experiment

      Written on Saturday, August 30, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    After three years, Google has completely dropped all authorship functionality from the search results and webmaster tools. For those who have been paying close attention, it isn’t exactly out of the blue. It appeared last year that Google wasn’t quite happy with how things were working out with Authorship. In the last eight months the made two dramatic changes that cut the attractiveness of Authorship down, by first limiting the amount of Author

    Google My Business Profiles and Your Audiology Marketing

      Written on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    I first spoke about Google places several years ago, it has now been re-named to Google My Business. I said back then that it really would help deliver an edge in our business, greatly assisting with rankings in search returns. It does and it has, but many are still not using it. In a lot of the SEO reviews we undertake, many Practices have not claimed or set up their Google Business profile. I don’t understand, its free, it can deliver real

    Buyer Personas And Smarter Hearing Healthcare Websites

      Written on Monday, August 25, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Buyer personas are a big deal in the marketing world at the minute, in fairness they have always been a big deal, but there is a lot of focus lately. I think that we need to consider this concept for our hearing healthcare website viewers, I think for clarity though we should call them viewer personas. I think there are three of them we should focus on for website design and content creation. These are only definitions at their highest level,

    Your About Us, Create A Compelling Story

      Written on Monday, August 11, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    When people choose to click on your about us page they are making an active choice to find out about you. They are in fact interested in finding out about you and your company. They want to find out how committed you are to solving their problems. In essence when they click through to that page they are looking for a way to connect to you. Or more clearly a way that you connect to them. Then with all this underlying psychology going on, you

    What Impression Is Your Audiology Website Making?

      Written on Monday, August 4, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    I have been reviewing a lot of audiology websites lately, some good, some mediocre, some bad. One in particular got me thinking about a post I wrote last year. The post was in relation to how fast someone forms an impression of a business from their website. It can be read here The Effect Of Your Website. It detailed just how fast someone can form an impression of you and your brand, two tenths of a second to get an inkling, but a further 2.6

    Social Proof, Testimonials That Work

      Written on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Social proof is a powerful signal to prospective purchasers, it works to validate the purchase in quite a strong way. Put at it’s simplest it is the concept that “they have purchased or used this product or service with good result. Therefore I should purchase or use this product or service with good result”. All of the demographics that we are interested in are swayed in some way by social proof.

    What is Good Content Marketing in Hearing Healthcare

      Written on Friday, July 18, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Content marketing is simply marketing by making available good targeted content. The reason it is called inbound marketing is because it brings leads to you via queries made on a search engine. Content marketing should be an integral part of your on-line hearing healthcare marketing strategy. The people we are trying to attract to our practices are more and more searching for all forms of healthcare information on-line. This gives you an

    Free Website & SEO Analysis Introductory Offer

      Written on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    For a short time we are offering a free website and SEO analysis . It’s a simple process, submit your site to us and a couple of days later you will receive a report with recommendations. We have undertaken a few at this stage for early adopters and the feedback from them has been excellent. Our observations on and suggestions for your site and the pages it contains involving colour scheme, logo, accessibility and design.

    Web Presence in Audiology Marketing

      Written on Monday, July 14, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Your website and web presence has a perceptual effect on a prospective Patient. Your website is your shop window to the world and its look and feel can effect what a viewer feels about you. It is quite often the first point of contact that a prospect has with your business. It is obvious then that you should ensure that your website is saying about you what you want. The overall goal for your audiology marketing strategy is to attract viewers to

    Capture Your Audience With Killer Cornerstone Content

      Written on Sunday, July 13, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Cornerstone content is important in your on-line audiology marketing strategy, but what is it? It is a complex name for a simple concept and strategy. You should have cornerstone content pages on your website, pages that detail some element of the services or products you supply. Cornerstone content and the supporting of it is a large part of the audiology content marketing strategy we offer. These pages outline the key elements that you want to

    Audiology Marketing to Generation X

      Written on Friday, July 11, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Gen X are the sons and daughters of your target market, they are important to both your sales process and your marketing activity. They are important to your on-line audiology marketing activity, because they will be undertaking research for their parents. It is imperative that you are aware of this and its psychological implications at all times. Initially the first step in any purchase or decision process is the motivation, an event that spurs

    Audiology Marketing To Boomers

      Written on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    The boomers are coming, the boomers are coming! We have heard this one before but they have arrived. In my experience we have been seeing boomers for the last five years. This is the second of the series of articles about knowing your audience. Boomers as a group are forward thinking and tend towards optimistic. They don’t have nearly as much faith in traditional institutions as their predecessors. Boomers formative years tend to have taken

    Audiology Marketing Audience

      Written on Monday, July 7, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    This is the first of a series where we look at the individual characteristics of the demographics we need to market to. As I said in the last post, Learn Who You Are Marketing To, there are in fact three demographics that our audiology marketing should be aimed at. Those three demographics have very different characters, values and beliefs. We need to understand this in order that we can adapt our marketing message and channel to reach all

    Audiology Marketing, Learn Who You Are Marketing To

      Written on Friday, July 4, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    It is imperative that you remember that the target of your marketing, your audience is not always who you think it is. Let me explain, I have heard it many times, “I don’t see value in internet presence, my Patients aren’t on the internet”. They may even be right, its possible that their patients belong to the less than 40% of over 65s that are not on the internet or Facebook. However even if every one of their customers is a Luddite afraid of

    Hearing Healthcare SEO, Keywords & Phrases

      Written on Monday, June 30, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    Once upon a time it was relatively easy to research keywords and phrases. Google made them freely available for all, unfortunately that changed a year or two ago. Mainly because the data was being monetized, Google bought a chunk of Hubspot and the data was integrated into Hubspot’s offering. The data is not so easy to get, although there are a couple of ways you can do some research that will yield some ideas.

    What We Plan To Offer At Audiology Engine

      Written on Thursday, June 19, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

    The idea for Audiology Engine came about through some conversations that were had between myself and Steven. I had heard many independent practice owners talk about the difficulty of getting good web designers and developers. Most of the issues were focused on industry knowledge or the lack of from the developers. It seemed a common complaint and it got us thinking. Both myself and Steve have pretty solid industry knowledge, his is based on

    “We have built a bespoke system tailored specifically to the needs of audiology practices. We aren't just another company supplying WordPress or some other out-of-the-box website software, our Engine is built from the ground up to meet the needs of modern audiology.”