Building a Funnel With Audiology Website Design Elements

  • By Geoffrey Cooling on 29th March 2015

audiology design driving website leads

Build a Funnel And They Will Enquire!

I have spoken here and elsewhere about building a funnel within your website that will drive prospects viewers to enquiries. It struck me recently that some people probably think it is bunkum. The thought was driven by the reaction of one of our customers in recent days. 

We're Getting Leads!!??

I know the man in question for quite a while, he is an astute businessman and we have had a good working relationship over the years. He recently became a customer of ours at Audiology Engine. I was speaking to him the other day in relation to his website and the analysis of Google Analytics and how that can drive strategy. He said a strange thing, "I can't believe we are actually getting leads from the website!". It made me giggle, I said did you think I was having you on? He said no, but we never get leads from the website. 

Honestly, Not Joking Here, 

It struck me then that he hadn't really believed it possible for his site to work for him. His belief was not based on any difficulty or uncertainty about us or our services. It was based purely on his experience up to that point. Your website will drive leads for you, no joking, it can and will become a major part of your new lead acquisition strategy. For it to do so, you need to build a funnel into the website that drives them through the information acquisition process to the enquiry stage. 

Audiology SEO & Audiology Design Working Together

Your audiology SEO & design strategy need to work together to make your website a lead generator. Your technical SEO and content will get you to the top of the SERPs, but it is your design that will drive those visitors to an enquiry. The key is the use of stand out call to action elements, however, they need to be thought about carefully and used in context. Not just that, they need to inspire a prospect to take an action. This is where empathy in design comes in, understanding the prospect in order that you design something that is of value to them. 

Wording is Important

 The wording of your call to action elements are important, they need to be designed to emotionally engage a prospect. They also need to constructed to sit within their terms of reference. By that I mean they need to be relevant to them and their situation. The further we go down this route, the more I think Curtis Alcock is right about relevance. We certainly have found that funnel elements that we have designed with the pains of a prospect in mind by far deliver better. 

It needs to be done, because within five years I believe that websites will be the primary source of new leads for hearing healthcare Practices 

Build That Funnel, Make It Relevant

 So, in synopsis, build that funnel, make it relevant to the prospect, and yes, your website will deliver leads, imagine! In order for this to happen though, your content and SEO needs to drive your viewer acquisition. When you get the balance right, you will maximise your opportunity to turn prospects into leads. I think that with the change in demographics, the acceleration of net literacy and increasing levels of health awareness that within five years, your website will be your primary source of new leads. 


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