Innovation In Audiology: The Patient's Perspective

  • By Steve Claridge on 21st July 2015

As a long-term hearing aid wearer I am very happy to see that people are starting to talk more about innovation and disruption in the Audiology business, it has been a long time coming. We are starting to see more crowd-funded hearing aids devices under the banner of Wearables and the big hearing aid manufacturers are taking advantage of the fact that many people are now carrying smarthphones. But what do the patients really want from hearing aids that they are not currently getting? Here's my take on how technology, disruption and innovation can improve the patient's experience of choosing, buying and wearing a hearing aid.

Innovation and disruption in the hearing loss domain is going to come from giving the consumers what they want. I obviously only speak for myself, a hearing aid wearer of over 30 years, but I have been writing about hearing loss for a while and have got to know quite a few other hearing aid users in that time and have picked up some shared problems, opinions and concerns along the way. 

Part 1: Buying a hearing aid
Part 2: What's in a name and how will hearing devices look in the future? (Coming soon)
Part 3: Testing, tweaking and the feedback loop. (Coming soon)
Part 4: Connectivity and User control. (Coming soon)

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