Audiology Marketing to Generation X

  • Written on Friday, July 11, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

Generation X, Reaching Them & Why They are Important for Your Audiology Marketing

Gen X are the sons and daughters of your target market, they are important to both your sales process and your marketing activity. They are important to your on-line audiology marketing activity, because they will be undertaking research for their parents. It is imperative that you are aware of this and its psychological implications at all times.

The Purchase Decision Process

Initially the first step in any purchase or decision process is the motivation, an event that spurs the decision pathway. In the case of healthcare this event can be illness, general symptoms, a diagnosis etc. These events are the catalyst, the motivation that will prompt potential patients to start the research process. As I have said though it is important though for our marketing purposes that we realise that not only potential Patients are part of the decision pathway. Nor are they the only researchers that we will have to impress.

Loved Ones in The Process

Loved ones or significant others can not just be the motivation but also the motivated. We see this every day in our practices. They may in fact be a large part of the decision pathway, particularly in the beginning of the process. They may also be the primary researcher for the decision pathway. So your marketing needs to be directed at multiple personas, it needs to address the needs and motivations of differing stakeholders in the decision process.

Who Are Gen X

Born from the mid sixties through to the mid to late eighties, Gen X’ers are a diverse bunch. More so than previous generations in areas such as  race, class, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation. They are more likely to be the children of divorced parents than previous generations. Statistically, they have highest education levels among all of the preceding generations. They place a great importance on education and knowledge.

Gen X’ers make less money individually in real dollars than their parents did, but have higher household income because of more women in the workforce. They are a cynical lot and are wary of brands, they also don’t have a great deal of time for tradition. They are technology savvy and have embraced all forms of mobile technology. They are among some of the highest daily users of the internet for fun, research, commerce and communication.

How Will You Reach Them

This is a little difficult for people who want to sell to them, their online consumption is fragmented using many devices to consume information. Interestingly for us though, they are among some of the biggest users of review and opinion sites. They are also some of the biggest researchers while shopping online. This knowledge can help anyone who wishes to reach this generation.

They best way to attract and woo them is to have them come to you through content marketing. They are constantly researching, therefore your presence on the SERPs will draw them to you. An in-depth content strategy with this in mind is important to your business goals.

What Do You Need To Do

They like informative, fast, interactive sites full of quality information. Any offers need to be well laid and clear or otherwise they may well be sceptical. As they are dealing with the ongoing healthcare of a loved one, they will want a site to be professional and preferably be endorsed. On the contrary, they may well be turned off sites that are too commercial and lack any social proof.

They are independent and self-reliant, brand or brand prestige alone will not appeal to them. Provide masses of information to them so they understand your products and services. Whilst they want to see professional, they also want to see empathy and the human touch. Because of their love of all mobile devices you will need to ensure your site is responsive and can be viewed on any screen. This is an imperative for this generation.



Worried About Your Content?

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