Audiology SEO For 2015, Localise Your Site

  • Written on Monday, January 5, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

Audiology SEO, What You Need To Know For 2015

As a company that offers SEO services for healthcare we keep abreast of any changes in strategy that search engines undertake. Because of changes that have occurred within the search engine’s algorithms during the last year, the focus of the audiology SEO strategy that we provide is focused on local search. Both Google and Bing have made no secret that they are focused on delivering localised search results to their users. What this means in effect is that if we do a search for the simple term hearing aids while we are in one city, we will be served differing results than if we searched from a different city. We think that you should focus on localization in your audiology SEO strategy as well.

Opportunities For Your Audiology SEO

This opens up many opportunities for your website, but only if you focus your healthcare SEO strategy on that opportunity. You are no longer fighting a thousand websites for the phrase hearing aids, you are now basically fighting your local competition for it. The same holds sway for all of the other search terms that we focus on.

Onsite Audiology SEO

localizing Keyword Phrases For Audiology Marketing

Your on site SEO strategy should be focusing on localization of keywords. We do so for our customers in meta titles and meta descriptions. We also do so on individual pages, normally we weave it into our value propositions. For instance, on the site we designed for Donal MacNally Hearing, one of the value propositions we use is “Premium Service, Comprehensive Hearing-Care & The Best Hearing Aids In Dublin!”. Mark-up In Your Audiology SEO Strategy

We also use markup on the contact details and the Name Address and Phone numbers of the sites. We ensure that we also include those details in the footers of the sites, this ensures that the mark-up appears on every page. This is a meta language that the search engines understand clearly, it tells them in language they can understand the name and location of the Practice. There is a really handy tool that will write mark-up for you, it’s called schema creator

Testimonials as Part Of Your Audiology Marketing

Testimonials on your audiology website are an imperative, we have just done a website for Austin Hearing which was a real pleasure. They understand the power of testimonials and have gathered a lot of them including video testimonials. It was our first experience building an audiology website where we could weave video testimonials through the fabric of the site. We ensured that the accompanying citations on the written testimonials always included the place-name of where the Patient lived. this also allowed us to localise that testimonial.

Offsite Audiology SEO

Citations in Your Audiology Marketing strategy

This strategy can also be bolstered by ensuring your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is correct and exactly the same on every citation site you use. That it is correct on Google+, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and all of the business directory sites that you put a profile on. This is exceptionally important for local SEO, use as many citations as possible. If everything is equal between your site and a competitors, the one with more citations will win out.

On-line Reviews as part Of Your Audiology Marketing Strategy

We have spoken extensively here and elsewhere about social proof as part of your audiology SEO strategy. Whilst it is exceptionally important that you weave social proof into the fabric of your audiology website design. It is also important that you consider it for your offsite SEO. Try to ensure that you encourage Patients to leave reviews on your profiles such on sites like Google+, Yelp, Foursquare and Hearing Tracker. I believe that Hearing Tracker will become the accepted review site for the audiology profession in the next year or two.

The search engines will recognise it for what it is and take much notice of it. Reviews on Google+ should really help with rankings of your sites. I have seen pretty atrocious audiology websites, visually and technically rate well because of Yelp and Google+ reviews. So the strategy works and works well. This article as ever is not exhaustive, it is however a good start for localizing your audiology SEO. I urge you to research localization of search, because if you do not understand it and take pains to target it, your site will have limited chances to rank in 2015. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, advice is always free.

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