Audiology SEO for Multiple Audiology Locations

  • Written on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

Driving Hearing Healthcare SEO For Multiple Location Audiology Chains

If Google thinks it’s important, then we should probably be paying attention to it. The release of Google My Business in June and the “Pigeon” update to their search algorithm soon after in July tend to indicate that local business listings are important to the search giant. Multi-location brands need to understand what this means for their differing geographical outlets and the benefits of higher ranking for local pages. But what should be the Audiology SEO Strategy to take to optimize local pages and maximize search engine  returns. There are a couple of ways that you can do this, lets look at each of them.

Individual Location Pages on Your Website

The least that you could and really should do, is individual location pages as part of your website. These should outline the location and its services. To truly optimize it you should consider it as a mini website on one page for that particular location. So it needs to include an about us section, a services section and a products section. Each section needs to be optimised for that service or product for that geographical location. The NAP (name, address, phone number) needs to be on the page and if possible schema mark up optimised. Each location also needs its own social media profiles and if you have about us or address information in your web page footer consider designing one just for this page.

You really need to consider the URL, the meta title, the meta description and the keyword phrase optimisation for these pages. This page is all about targeting keyword phrases for a particular geographical location. For instance if I was considering the url for a one pager for a new office in the US for Audiology engine, the url would be something like  www

In this way I would be targeting the whole US, Mwahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahah! Sorry, just catch my breath and get rid of the white cat. If done properly and then supported with properly set up location profiles on Google My Business, Bing Local and every citation site you can think of, this will help drive these pages and your business in local searches.

Subdirectories as Part of Your Audiology SEO Strategy

The subdirectory route is probably the king of localised SEO, the Rolls Royce approach, for multi-location brands. In essence, we are setting up a subdirectory (a folder within your website) on the main site that is dedicated to one location. Within this subdirectory we set up a home page, an about us page, a services page and a product page, in fact you could set up a whole sub website devoted to that location. With each page completely optimised to target that particular geographical area. If you are in multiple cities you should really consider this approach. It will drive results for you in each location.

The two options discussed are really the better options for Audiology, there are other options, but they are more designed for retailers with five hundred outlets. Remember your Audiology SEO strategy in 2015 should be all about local, because that is the way the search engines are headed. Their job is to serve up the best returns for their customers. If their customer is in Austin Texas searching for hearing aids, they are best served with results pertinent to Austin Texas. If their customer is searching for hearing aids in your area, will you be there? Next time I will talk about supporting those local pages you will be building.

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