Branding The Audiology Profession

  • By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 7th of March 2016

Saving the profession

Setting The Terms Of Reference For The Brand of Audiology

We discuss brand a lot here at Audiology Engine, we think that it is imperative for us to really understand our customers in order that we can represent that brand on the website. We feel that this is exceptionally important, we also know that the brand we represent on the website has to be exactly the same as the brand feel when a prospect enters the Practice. So we take great care to get to know our customers in order that there is no discordance. 

Controlling The Brand

I recently gave a presentation at a BSHAA event discussing brand, what it was and how it worked. I strongly believe that you actually do not set the terms for your brand, in fact the people who set the terms of your brand are in fact your customers and your prospects. What they believe and say about you is in fact your brand and the brand of your business. 

However, you can take steps to ensure that they are saying the right things about you and your business. So you can influence your brand by ensuring that every customer facing touch point delivers the experience and belief you want to drive. 

Video testimonials on our sites

We use the video testimonials and auto play video banners on our site to influence the viewers of those sites. Not just that, we also use the design, the copy and value proposition statements to do so as well. In fact the auto play banner, video testimonials and design elements validate the copy and statements we make. 

During the presentation, I had a moment of clarity

So, there I am, boring the pants of a room full of people when I had a moment of clarity. I am passionate about the profession of audiology. I believe that our profession makes a real difference, everyday we have a strong effect on the general health and well being of our customers. We do so by allowing them to engage in a full and active life. 

It appears that we can also help them to reduce the neuro cognitive effects of hearing loss and it's possible knock on effect on neuro cognitive health. These are things that we should be proud of as a profession and indeed an industry. Are we communicating that well? A simple question that, but are we really communicating it well? Are we communicating the benefit of the Audiology profession?

What is the current brand of Audiology?

Let's think about that for a while, what is the general public's understanding or feeling about the profession of Audiology? In some cases in the States we are seen as the money grabbing middle men. In both the UK and Ireland the attitudes are mixed but there is many who think similar thoughts. This is why PSAPs and other devices of that nature are so popular.

This is why online sales of hearing aids is thriving, they do so because they work on the premise that prices are cheaper because the nasty middle men are taken out of the equation. The money grabbers. How do we change that, how do we begin to set the terms of reference for the Audiology profession as a brand?

Our Customers need to do it

Back to my original statement, we can't set the terms of reference for our brand, however, we can take every step possible to influence the people that do. We can also ask those people to help us and I bet you they will be mostly happy to do so. 

A collaboration across the profession

In order to change the brand of Audiology we as a profession need to collaborate. This is something that needs to be done through professional organisations across the world. Because absolutely no one in the Audiology profession is safe from the march of technology and innovation. The way to ensure we survive and thrive is through branding. 

We need to come up with a strategy to drive that brand collaboratively. We need to take clear steps to ensure we influence the terms of reference for that brand. Video testimonials from customers on association sites would be a start, it isn't the complete answer, but it would be a good start. Then together, we can work out the rest. 

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