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  • Written on Sunday, July 13, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

Cornerstone Content is an Imperative For Your On-Line Presence

Cornerstone content is important in your online audiology marketing strategy, but what is it? It is a complex name for a simple concept and strategy. You should have cornerstone content pages on your website, pages that detail some element of the services or products you supply. Cornerstone content and the supporting of it is a large part of the audiology content marketing strategy we offer.

These pages outline the key elements that you want to rank for in the Search Engine Return Pages (SERPs). So they are exceptionally important to your strategy, these are also the pages that you are going to use your blog to support. For instance, I want to look at Made For iPhone as an example here.

MFI is of increasing importance whether you know it or not, in particular, GN ReSound has made it so with their excellent digital and physical LiNX campaign. So what would a cornerstone content page for the GN ReSound LiNX look like? As they used to say in Blue Peter, here is one I made earlier.

Made for iPhone hearing aids

Everything you need. And more of what you love. The GN ReSound LiNX in

Imagine that everything you hear is vivid, natural. Imagine speech that’s clear and easy to understand. Imagine wireless stereo headphones for your iPhone® that just happen to be your hearing aids. You’ve only just begun to imagine ReSound LiNXTM. We believe that this amazing product can offer real benefits to our Patients, this is why we have introduced it in our Practices in …….

Easy, direct connection to

clear speech and sound

Connect directly to what you love through your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and enjoy high-quality sound through hearing aids that are also wireless stereo headphones. Our experience so far has been quite astonishing, our Patients have really blown away with the ease, stability and power of the GN ReSound LiNX. Made for iPhone has arrived and it really delivers.

Surprisingly small

Amazingly powerful

The small, slim design lets you hide ReSound LiNX if you want to – or show it off if you’d rather. Even if you have a severe hearing loss. Regardless, you’ll experience how SmartRangeTM, the industry’s fastest chip platform, allows you to hear – and understand – so well and so easily.

A direct connection to

everything you love

Chat with friends, family or colleagues with ease. Use FaceTime video calling to bring far-away loved ones into your living room.

made for iPhone hearing aids colours

made for iPhone hearing aids brochure

More reasons to love it …


Resound made for iPhone hearing aids smart app downloadImagine balancing the tone of a concert or a conversation ‘til it sounds just right. Or finding your lost hearing aids – just like that!

The ReSound Smart™ app does all that – and much, much more.

Learn more about ReSound Smart app

Download the smart app brochure

Learn More About the GN ReSound LiNX Hearing Aids including prices

made for iPhone hearing aid quick guideIf you are interested in learning more about the ReSound LiNX Made For iPhone hearing aids or if you have any questions in relation to hearing loss and hearing healthcare, don’t hesitate to give us a call on …………………..

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Content That Works

What we have above is a bare bones cornerstone content page, it has the main elements that we would use. However, it has not been customised to any practice or area. Although all of the pictures have been Alt Texted, none have links attributed to them. In other words, you can’t download the brochures or watch the video.

We would normally place that content on your site server in order that even when they do download the brochure or watch the video, you are aware of it and they still are on your site. This page can then be supported by articles and reviews that you write on your blog. You can use anchor text backlinks in your articles to support the page for keyword search like “made for iPhone hearing aids” or made for iPhone hearing aids in …”.

Of course, you need to make sure your Meta Title and Meta Description is done well and targets the keyword searches you are targeting as well. It also helps to ensure that you have undertaken your on-site and off-site SEO is performed correctly. This strategy can be used for any element of your products or services.

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Working?

Is your content marketing strategy working as it should be? Is it driving trust and authority, more importantly is it driving conversions and leads? At Audiology Engine we understand how content strategy should work to support your business. We can support you in your practice by delivering content marketing strategy that will establish your online presence and marketing as an authority in the areas you practice

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