audiology content marketing services

Audiology Content Marketing Services

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing or content marketing is a term that has been around for a while, the name frames the concept of attracting potential customers to you through the use of content. Content marketing done well to high quality SEO practices will not just deliver you enquiries but also support your website. For complex purchases like hearing aids, people need information in order to make a purchase decision. It is increasingly obvious from the search stats that Google make available that more and more people are researching healthcare and specifically hearing healthcare on-line.

This makes content marketing a must, authoritative well written content will be the cornerstone of your on-line marketing. It is an important and integral part of your overall marketing strategy that is important right now. Not just something that may well help you in the future.

A Changing Consumer

But Why is content marketing a must, what is different, what has changed? Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective as consumers change. Consumers have shut off the traditional world of marketing, TV advertising can be easily skipped, news paper circulation is in free fall and most people can read a magazine or surf the web without being conscious of any advertising.

Interruption marketing is no longer giving the returns that it once did. Content marketing is non-interruption marketing, it is the provision of free information to your prospective consumer. The underlying belief being that as they gain knowledge and decide to move forward with a purchase decision. Because of your earned authority you are the one they will want to buy from.

A Content Marketing Strategy,

Content marketing is an ongoing process that needs strategy and planning, good content can not just attract prospective customers but also support your website and your search engine rankings. In order to meet those requirements though, it must be well written, easy to read and understand, on brand and with more than a nod given to good SEO practices. The technical aspects of content marketing allow you to support cornerstone landing pages on your website that address keyword phrases. It also must address the needs of prospective customers, because these are the people you are trying to attract.

Content marketing is simply the art of delivering to your prospective customers the information which they need without selling. A blog is key to your on-line audiology marketing strategy, it allows you to engage with your prospective customer in a non threatening way. In fact if your content is done well it will attract them to you and your website. They will find your content and if it is worthy they will search out your practice.

Audiology Blog Content

Your overall strategy is to write content that is of interest to your prospective customers, the recommended schedule is to write at least two posts a week. A post should be at least three hundred words, it should be written in your own voice and be of interest to the target market. Content may be articles that you write or share, it may also be downloads of sharable content such as that distributed by the Better Hearing Institute. It is increasingly also video of interest to our prospects. Article subject that should be considered are

  • Explanations of hearing loss

  • Hearing Instrument Reviews

  • Reports on results of hearing instrument fittings

  • Explanations of the process of purchasing

  • The importance of a long-term relationship with your hearing healthcare provider

  • Handling and Patient servicing of hearing instruments

  • Cleaning and care of hearing instruments

  • Cleaning and care devices for hearing instruments

  • Manufacturer specific assistive devices, Widex M-Dex, Phonak I-Com etc

  • Traditional Assistive Devices available to help the hard of hearing

Make Yourself The Local Authority

The web is a true leveler, nationals may well have massive money to spend on marketing. That money tends to be spent on a National agenda, it doesn’t necessarily trickle down to a local agenda. But content marketing that attacks local search activity will allow a local business to rank higher on the search returns. Good well done content marketing allows you to establish yourself as the local authority in your field.

It can set you out as the go to individual in your market place for hearing healthcare. It will also ensure that you rank high on the search returns for localised key word phrases that your prospective customer is searching for. Ensuring that local prospects get to see your message, giving you the opportunity to convert them to leads and hopefully to sales.

We can offer everything from piece work articles that can be customised, through subscription levels of several articles a month up to complete management of your article schedule and blog site. Content marketing is a cornerstone of modern on-line audiology marketing. We can help you with yours so you can concentrate on serving your patients.



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