An In-Depth Hearing Healthcare Website Build

  • Written on Thursday, September 25, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

Premium Is As Premium Does In Hearing Healthcare

Our latest hearing healthcare website build was for a business in San Jose in California. The owner, a particularly patient lady, was referred to us by a friend. She owns a large multi site hearing healthcare company which has been in existence since 2001. The Practice is a combined diagnostic and hearing aid supplier with the emphasis on diagnostic audiology.

Premium Diagnostic Audiology

It quickly became clear to us from our conversations that the overall brand of the Practice was a premium diagnostic company that was proud of its ongoing links and service to the surrounding medical community. We felt that this was an important element of the brand itself and we decided to ensure that we incorporated it but also to find a way to drive it further.

Making Life Easy For Med Pros

As part of this we came up with an idea that may appeal to the medical professionals that they dealt with every day. We also decided to incorporate a medical professionals area on the site. This was to be part of our pathway approach as discussed elsewhere, it was the first time we put it in to Practice and we have been refining it continuously.

Premium Elements

It was important that the design we used spoke to a premium brand, not just spoke to it but also validated and proofed it. We were sure to incorporate strong value propositions across pages and a social proof everywhere we could fit it. I remain happy with the results as does the Client. Really only matters that the Client is happy in fairness, but it was a great build that really allowed us to stretch ourselves.

A Big Build

It really was a big build, we covered all of the services provided by the Practice and included personal pages for the senior team members. this really gave us a lot of SEO opportunity for localised search phrases. It took a while because it was a learning process and some of the features had to built because they didn’t exist within the engine. As I said, thanks to a Patient client with strong vision, a lot of late nights and a lot of coffee we got there.


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