Let's Disrupt Audiology

  • By Geoff Cooling on 13th June 2015


Let's Disrupt The Audiology Business Model Together

By now I think that you should know that I believe in disruption in business models. Disruption is happening across all industries and we in Audiology are beginning to feel it now. So I thought to myself if disruption is inevitable, and it is, why shouldn't it be us that disrupts? 

So I have started a project that will allow anybody who is interested to get involved in ideation around the possibilities of the future Audiology business model. I personally hope that many will get involved, because it is only with multiple views that we will really explore all possibilities. 

Cognitive Bias

Cognitive bias is a terrible thing, in essence it is the lies that we tell ourselves. The best way to beat cognitive bias is to involve as many people as possible. In this way, we can try to avoid the cognitive biases of the people involved. Cognitive bias is really a terrible thing, at Audiology Engine we have some experience with it.

Originally we thought that the solution to all your problems was a tool that allowed you to undertake all of your online marketing. What we found out was that what you wanted was us to do your online marketing for you. We are nerds, we love cool tools, so our cognitive bias told us that what you wanted was a cool tool to do the job. 

We were wrong in spades, if we had have had input from more personality types than us, we would have realised that quickly. So, if we are to do this right, we need you to get involved. 

You can see the original post at

Hop over there, give it a read and join us on a journey to explore the future business model of Audiology. 

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