Donal MacNally Audiology Website Build

  • Written on Sunday, October 26, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

Donal MacNally HearingAnother New Audiology Website Build From Audiology Engine

Each audiology website build is interesting in and of itself, delivering the desired effect with the different elements at your disposal is always fun. The key is to ensure that you don’t become repetitive, I think that will always be a challenge. In the case of the Donal MacNally site the brief was to help drive a premium brand and communicate the efforts that they have gone to deliver the very best in hearing aid fitting.

Investment In Equipment

Donal MacNally have invested quite a large amount of cash into state of the art diagnostic testing,  fitting and fine tuning equipment. They have an amazing surround sound system which GN Otometrics fitted with their Aurical system. It allows them to measure, verify and fine tune in real world situations. It is quite something to behold in action.

How Do You Explain That?

That there was the question, both you and I know that this function is an excellent one. We also understand the benefits that we could deliver with it to a Patient. The key for us though as a web design function how do you deliver this as a value proposition? We decided that this was the value proposition that we would build the site around.

Value Proposition Elements

We built three pages that extoll the benefits of the use of this system, pitching them directly in language a Patient can understand at delivering real benefit. We then set about weaving separate value propositions through the site that drove home the value and led to the three pages. As usual we made sure that we used as much social proof as was available with strong testimonials and testimonial quotes interspersed throughout the site.

Driving Premium Hearing Healthcare Service

This site, like others we have worked on are based on, is all about driving service as a differentiator, product of course plays a part but in most cases it is second fiddle. If Independents are to continue to survive, they really need to focus on differentiators within their Practice. Otherwise it will be hard to compete.


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