Downloadable Audiology Content


Downloadable E-Materials

What Are They

Content marketing is more than just well written articles, it is also about offering good materials that are of interest to your target market. There are many of these freely available from many sources such as hearing aid manufacturers and hearing advocate groups. You should and easily could offer them on your website in a download area. You should also use them for best effect on your blog site. However it is important that you offer your own branded materials as well. This materials can be well designed and deployed content such as brochures, welcome packs, price lists and educational materials.


These materials can help to bolster your authority in your area, your own well designed materials will also help your branding as a professional. Whilst they can be offered free as simple downloads, some of them can be offered behind web form sign-ups. This strategy allows you to capture data and engage with your prospects giving you an opportunity to convert them to an appointment. This after all is the entire goal of your on line audiology marketing strategy.

Web forms should only be used on the most valuable material though, our demographic is wary of giving away their details on line. They will only do so if they perceive real value in the exchange.

How We Can Help

We can help design and brand material such as practice brochures, patient welcome packs, price lists and educational material. Ensuring it remains on brand and speaks well of you as a professional caring practice owner. We can also outline the right copy to be used with your web form to put their mind at ease and encourage the entering of details.


"We deliver Audiology SEO and website design that will make sure your Audiology Practice website stands out in the crowd and works to drive your business!"