What is Good Content Marketing in Hearing Healthcare

  • Written on Friday, July 18, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

Content Marketing is Imperative in Hearing Healthcare, but what is good content?

Content marketing is simply marketing by making available good targeted content. The reason it is called inbound marketing is because it brings leads to you via queries made on a search engine. Content marketing should be an integral part of your on-line hearing healthcare marketing strategy. The people we are trying to attract to our practices are more and more searching for all forms of healthcare information on-line. This gives you an opportunity to deliver content that meets their needs.

Put simply inbound marketing is all about attracting prospective leads through the dissemination of good content

Content is content, content can be part of your website and not necessarily part of a regularly updated blog. Don’t get us wrong a blog is a good idea, mainly because a website remains static for periods of time. A well run blog site doesn’t because it is constantly updated with new content. A well maintained blog allows you to consistently attack key word phrases with new content on a regular basis. It will also give you the freedom to speak about much more than you would on your website. This type of inbound marketing strategy is proven to deliver excellent results.

What is Good Content

As always, an accepted paradigm raises new questions, in particular around the concept of good content. what is good content, what is content that will attract the prospective leads that you want? The answer is simple, write content that addresses their questions. Remember, before a prospective Patient talks to you, they or their facilitator are asking questions, the questions that you hear every day in your Practice. The new breed of prospect is having those questions answered by undertaking research online.

These questions, this research provides you with an opportunity, the same opportunity that is afforded to you in your consultation. An opportunity to display your knowledge, your authority and to connect and engage with these people at the beginning of their search. To do so though in this new world your content needs to be high on the search engine return pages (SERPs). To be there, your content has to be relevant to the search term entered.

The Questions You Answer Daily

To do this you need to leverage SEO to turn those questions and searches into traffic to your blog or website and hopefully leads for your Practice. So good content is any article that addresses the needs of a target market, that answers the questions that they need answered. It used to be a lot easier for you to find out exactly what was being searched online. It is a little more difficult now, but you have first hand knowledge of the questions. They really are the same questions you are asked daily,

  • How much do hearing aids cost?
  • Why do hearing aids cost so much?
  • What is hearing loss?
  • Can it be cured?
  • How long will hearing aids last?
  • What do hearing aid features do?
  • How do differing technologies work?
  • Is there financial help to purchase hearing aids?
  • Are hearing aids covered by insurance?
  • What are the differing types of hearing aids

Google has an autocomplete suggestion feature in their search box, if you have it turned on it will give you suggestions for search based on searches that are being undertaken by others. For instance, I have just entered in to a search box, Why are hearing, the autocomplete offered me aids so expensive, aids not covered by insurance, aids used and aids important as autocomplete suggestions. It has offered me those suggestions because those searches have been undertaken before and are popular.

Your Content Marketing Strategy

This opens up an opportunity to attract people by writing a post titled “Why are hearing aids so expensive?”. In this way you are writing a post that you know will draw traffic. Drawing traffic is the target of your healthcare marketing strategy. Depending on how well you answer the question with your article, you are then likely to draw people towards your Practice. The keyword phrase you are targeting does not necessarily have to be in the title, you can weave it into the body of the article whilst attacking a different but related key phrase in the title.

Key to this strategy is to write clearly in a conversational voice, write as if you were simply trying to explain something to someone. Don’t stuff your article with keywords or keywords phrases, Google will penalize you. Remember, you are writing for people, not for Google.  So in synopsis, good content is generally content that is designed to answer questions for real people, written for real people by real people.

Is Your Content Marketing Strategy Working?

Is your content marketing strategy working as it should be? Is it driving trust and authority, more importantly is it driving conversions and leads? At Audiology Engine we understand how content strategy should work to support your business. We can support you in your practice by delivering content marketing strategy that will establish your online presence and marketing as an authority in the areas you practice


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