Google My Business Profiles and Your Audiology Marketing

  • Written on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

Scant use of a valuable audiology marketing tool

I first spoke about Google places several years ago, it has now been re-named to Google My Business. I said back then that it really would help deliver an edge in our business, greatly assisting with rankings in search returns. It does and it has, but many are still not using it. In a lot of the SEO reviews we undertake, many Practices have not claimed or set up their Google Business profile. I don’t understand, its free, it can deliver real value and it should be an integral part of your audiology marketing strategy.

Why then is it seemingly barely used within our profession? Looking at Google Business as a driver for your Practice is a very good idea,  it will bring you firmly into the realm of local searching on Google. If A Patient undertakes a search for Hearing Aids near a location on Google and you have a local business profile, you will be displayed prominently on the top right of the return page on a map. You will also feature in another map list within the search returns themselves.

Your profile

We often find, that even when someone does take the time to claim their business profile, they leave it as a generic place holder. So when a prospect sees you on the list and clicks on the link to your profile to have a deeper look. Do you really want your profile to be a generic offering? For some reason, many really seem to, again I don’t understand. Why go through the steps of setting a profile if you are not going to use it to generate real interest in your brand?

If you ensure that your Google Places profile is attractive and full of information linking back to your site, the prospective Patient will have more reason to follow it to your main site. So it stands to reason that you should spend a bit of time and energy on a freely available tool that may generate leads and enquiries.

Delivering real value to your audiology marketing strategy

Google My Business is proven to deliver real value to business owners. It will deliver value as an integral part of your marketing strategy. It will support your website and put your business in front of more and more people. The key is to make sure that you are best dressed across all your web presence, so you are encouraging prospects instead of discouraging them.

Delivering prominent testimonials

A prominent part of a Google Business profile is reviews or testimonials. Testimonials should be an important part of your audiology marketing strategy. Good reviews on a Google Business profile are mana from heaven. It is the social proof that Google is looking for that you are someone to do business with.

Your checklist

So after you have claimed your profile, dress it nice, and get those lovely Patients of yours to leave some reviews. Your search return ranking will thank you for it.

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