A Hearing Healthcare Product Website Build

  • Written on Thursday, September 25, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

Lyric Hearing Aid SiteA Hearing Healthcare Product Website Build, An Interesting Departure

Our latest build was an interesting one on many levels, firstly it was primarily a hearing healthcare product website. An entire website designed primarily around one product is a little unusual in our Profession. But the Lyric product is such that it demands this type of dedicated vehicle. The second interesting departure was that the website was a vehicle for two separate Indepebdent hearing healthcare Practices. Not something that happens every day then.

A Premium Site For A Premium Product

It was obviously immediately important to us that we had to be exceptionally careful with all of the elements within the build. The Lyric is a premium product, therefore our site needed to both reflect and enforce this concept. All of the elements including the colour scheme, imagery and value propositions were picked and designed with this clearly in mind.

Practice Collaboration

It was excellent to see two separate Practices being so forward thinking in relation to this collaboration. I applaud them both for their foresight and forward thinking. Their collaboration actually gives them a better opportunity to increase their search engine rankings for local search. Because it was two separate Practices it was inherent on us at Audiology Engine that we balanced the display elements and contact and form elements very well. We think we delivered this balance and the Clients (the important ones really) agreed.

The Build

The build was fun, the brief was make it beautiful, so we did. They liked it, there was a couple of edits and voila, we went to work. Then we got a call saying that it was needed by Monday, so we said, yes, we can do this. Then on friday, we got a call that there was a change in direction and we needed to build it for a different platform. So we said, yes, of course we can do it, by Monday, this isn’t a problem, no sweat. Then I gibbered in a corner for a while, after that and feeling much better we got to work. Three exceptionally late nights later it was delivered.

Post Script: Steve says if I sell another do-it-by-Monday job, he may be forced to have me whacked!


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