Marketing Calendar For 2015

  • Written on Monday, January 19, 2015 by Geoffrey Cooling

Banana Cream Pie Day, Who Knew?

Did you know there was a Banana Cream Pie Day? I certainly didn’t, there are a lot of opportunities to have a bit of fun with your marketing calendar throughout 2015 but it is hard to keep up. So I have put a calendar together on Google with the relevant dates, it is a work in process and I have got as far as August. I will continue to add dates and I will add notifications to all of the dates over the next week or two. I have shared the calendar publicly, so if you want to keep informed add the calendar to your google calender. Alternatively, download the relative links for other calendar applications. The only thing with that option is that you will have to check back in every so often for the updated versions .

Dates for your audiology marketing calendar in 2015

To add the calendar to your own calendar application, choose the right link below

For xml applications: CLICK HERE

For ical applications: CLICK HERE

To View in a web browser: CLICK HERE

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