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  • Written on Thursday, June 19, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

Audiology Engine, Industry Focused Web & Business Solutions

The idea for Audiology Engine came about through some conversations that were had between myself and Steven. I had heard many independent practice owners talk about the difficulty of getting good web designers and developers. Most of the issues were focused on industry knowledge or the lack of from the developers. It seemed a common complaint and it got us thinking.

Both myself and Steve have pretty solid industry knowledge, his is based on hearing loss. Mine is based on working at both retail and wholesale level within the industry. We both have strong skill sets pertaining to web design and development in our own fields. It really seemed a no brainer once we began talking.

We plan to bring our experience and skillset to bear to provide focused web and business solutions to the hearing healthcare industry. We hope those solutions will come to be seen as gold standard within the hearing healthcare world. Initially our first product offering will be a website builder.

The Website Builder

This product will offer practice owners easy design and deployment of media rich, well SEOd, industry focused websites. It will be a simple pick and click affair to build a website and or blog, each template page will have place holders that allow you to simply and quickly add your copy and media.

Alternatively, you can get us to do it for you upon consultation. We will undertake the technical background SEO like site structure, site maps and internal links so you don’t have to worry about it.

On line Audiology Marketing

We will also be offering audiology marketing services in the form of content or inbound marketing services. We will write articles that can be customised by you for local SEO or alternatively we can do it as part of the service. We will offer individual purchase and a subscription service for articles.

I have talked about inbound marketing for a long time, I think it is one of the single most important activities for practice owners. Done properly it will raise the profile of your website in local search returns, drive prospects to your website and establish you as the go to authority in your area.

We will also offer social media management and set up services, social media at present is important for pure SEO value. In the future it will be important for ongoing engagement with patients and prospects.

Business Development Solutions

We will also offer business development solutions and planning, we hope in this way we can offer an all round service. A service that can really drive your revenue and practice growth. Initially the service will be offered through remote consultation and analysis. We will then provide reports and an implementation plan.

The Future

We plan to introduce a few products over the next year, a possible social proof addition for the websites. A social media channel content curation and management tool. A Patient portal for rehabilitation and clinical feedback, elements of a practice management solution for direct mailing. We have more than a few ideas, although we would like to hear yours. Drop us a line and let us know what you think.

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