Reaching The Customer

  • By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 2nd December 2015

Reaching the prospect

Prospects, irritating bunch of people aren't they?

Prospects, irritating bunch aren't they? They are wise to all the marketing blurb and the shiny presentation, in fact so wise they nearly turn off to it. Prospects in the healthcare sector are maybe even worse, this isn't shiny baubles to make them feel better, this is often life changing decisions. So what is important to them and how are we to reach them? By engaging them, we can reach them by engaging them, offering them information that they need when they need it. Not just engaging them, but reaching them on a human level.

Your Nightmare Prospect

I would be entirely your worst ever prospect, a particularly irritating man. I am almost infamous for my dismissal of appearance as some sort of measure. In fact I am not allowed dress myself for important occasions without adult supervision. My wife despairs of my complete lack of interest in clothes and such like. If it is clean and comfortable, that basically covers all my needs. Let me tell you a story about an awards ceremony. 

The Award Ceremony

I once turned up at an award ceremony to receive an award, I was turned out well, Sandra my long suffering wife had dressed me. When I received the award and sat down, she said to me, you are wearing two odd shoes. I said, I know, but before you give out they are both similar and they are both black! I think that was when she gave up. 

Interested in What You Think

My problem is that I have only passing interest in how someone looks, however, I am deeply interested in who people are. I want to know about them, what they think, how they feel, what are their ideals and ethos. It is these things that have always interested me. My perception of how they look stretches about as far as they are clean and dressed. That same outlook also stretches to the companies I do business with. So your shiny new  website or advert probably isn't going to tickle my fancy.  

I know that I am probably one of a minority, society seems to place great store in the way people dress, the toys they have and the pretty baubles they wear. Okay that is a generalisation, but it is relatively true. Except when it comes to health , then they are more interested in ideals, ethos and of course success rate. 

That Makes Us Good Website Designers

That interest in people and what makes them tick is what makes us good web designers. It is also why we take a great deal of time to get to know the people that we design sites for. Don't get me wrong, we know that the sites need to be pretty and well presented, best dressed as it were, ugly I may be, stupid I am not.. However, to engage your prospects, the copy, the feel of the site needs to be designed to connect at a human level. 

Your prospects want to know what your ethos and ideals are, they want to know that you will care enough to make sure that they are alright. To do your very best to ensure that their problems are solved. Our job is to let them know that, to let them know that in a manner which makes sense to them, which engages them. Which is in fact all about them. Because if it was all about you, the site wouldn't work, if it was all about you, they would turn off and change the channel. 

Reaching Your Prospects

That is how you reach your prospects, yes there is room for and requirement for technical information. Yes you need to discuss services and products, however, they should be discussed as solutions for them. Most people in the audiological world work in that world because they actually want to help people. Of course there is commercial concerns but that doesn't take away from the underlying motivation. Every page on your site should display that motivation. That is how you will reach your prospects, because I know that is how you would reach me. 


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