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Managing Your Online Presence

Managing your on-line presence to ensure it is as working as hard as you are

Audiology SEO Services, Search Engine Optimisation.

What is Audiology SEO Anyway

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the practice of making a website more helpful, relevant, and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers and the search engines. It is undertaken in order to achieve maximum visibility in search engine returns. The end goal is to get more of the people you want on your website.

The stats that matter

Internet visibility is an imperative for hearing healthcare practices as it is within all industries in the modern era. According to the Pew Research Centre in a survey taken in 2012, 91% of individuals between 30 and 49 are active on the internet. These are the children of your prospective Patients. These are the enablers, the people who research health care for their parents. They are also the people who usually help spur our Patients to action.

77% of adults aged between 50 and 64 are on-line, these people should be viewed as your mid-term prospects. In fact some of them are your prospective Patients right now in particular with the launch of devices that are Made For iPhone. . 53% of 65-year-old and plus use the internet. These are your current prospects and indeed your existing Patients. The importance of the internet as a marketing medium can no longer be ignored or derided.

Visibility of your shop window

Your website is your shop window to the world, like any shop window you would like it to assist and aid you in doing business. How it looks and what it has in it are exceptionally important. However for it ever to have an opportunity to do its’ job, prospective customers actually have to see it. That visibility is delivered to you via search engines returns only if your content and copy matches the search undertaken.

Audiology SEO as a factor in visibility

The content and copy of your site need to contain keywords and phrases that your prospective customers are searching for. That is an understood by most, but there are many technical elements to SEO strategy that are not quite as well understood. Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Cornerstone Content, Anchor Link Text, Localization Strategy and quite a few more terms are background on-site and off-site SEO that make a huge difference to your site visibility.

Industry specific SEO

We believe our industry knowledge combined with our understanding of the consumer and the search engines sets us apart. We not only understand how those SEO principles can affect the visibility of your site, but also the industry specific SEO strategies that can make all the difference in your site rankings. SEO strategies that when combined with good content, copy, social media strategy and site structure will push your site to the top of the search rankings.


"SEO And Social Media Strategies That Drive Views, Copy That Delivers Engagement And Websites That Deliver Leads"