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Managing Your Online Presence

Managing your on-line presence to ensure it is as working as hard as you are

Social Media Set-up & Management

Social Media As An On Line Channel

Social media activity has become an important part of many industries for customer engagement, customer service and on line marketing activity. Since its’ inception social media as a communication tool has blossomed with massive adoption across all demographics. Each platform has a different style and feel and appeals to a differing demographic. It’s important that you ensure that you’re using the right platforms to reach your target market.

It’s also important that you stay up to date with changes to the platforms. Or if the trends are veering towards a new alternative, that you’re positioned to move where your market is.

For Hearing Healthcare

The use of social media in hearing healthcare does not share the same agenda as other industries. Social media in our industry is primarily useful for SEO purposes, in particular Google+ serves that strategy exceptionally well. Social media adoption in our demographic is rising faster than in any other demographic. However our demographic are principally on the Facebook platform, which they use primarily to engage with family and friends. They do engage with groups on the platform but don’t necessarily engage with brands.

Changing Times

So up to now social media has been important for SEO but not engagement, that is changing. With the adoption of social media by the forty and fifty some things, engagement with this demographic is going to increase. Don’t forget, these are the healthcare researchers, the facilitators for their parents. Social media management and monitoring is important and only becoming more important.

What Can We Do

We can manage the set-up of your social media channels, ensuring that they are linked to your website and blog site. We will then give you a clear plan for moving forward including instruction and hand you the keys. Alternatively we can manage your social media channels, monitoring your brand mentions, curating content and making sure it is posted at times that will ensure visibility.


"We have built a bespoke system tailored specifically to the needs of audiology practices. We aren't just another company supplying WordPress or some other out-of-the-box website software, our Engine is built from the ground up to meet the needs of modern audiology.”