Testimonials As Case Studies

  • By Geoff Cooling on 20th September 2015

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Testimonials, gifts from your Patients

Testimonials are gifts from Patients, if you use them properly they can establish you as the provider to do business with. In depth testimonials can also be used as case studies, case studies that you can use to drive belief in you as a provider. You can also use them to target online search patterns as part of your content marketing strategy.

Case Studies

An in-depth testimonial that outlines a Patient's experience with you and their hearing aids can be used to highlight your success with that hearing aid type. Hearing aid reviews are much sought after content. People search the term quite a lot to see what experience that other people have had. 

Your case study allows you to target these searches, it also allows you to display your success as a practitioner. It is a strong element of social proof and it offers you strong opportunities to convert prospects to leads.

Structure the content

Structure the article in order that your Patient testimonial takes centre stage. Intersperse their writing with your own when it makes sense and when you need to clarify things. Title it as a hearing aid review, for instance "Our Experiences With Unitron North Moxis". Or the Unitron Moxi Hearing Aids Review". This allows you to immediately target search and draws the prospect in. 

Don't forget your call to action

Don't forget your call to action, you have designed the content, it has drawn them and engaged them, don't forget to take the opportunity to convert them. Testimonials can be a solid part of your content marketing strategy, if they are used properly.  

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