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  • Written on Monday, July 14, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

Web Design And Presentation in All Your Audiology Marketing


Your website and web presence has a perceptual effect on a prospective Patient. Your website is your shop window to the world and its look and feel can effect what a viewer feels about you. It is quite often the first point of contact that a prospect has with your business. It is obvious then that you should ensure that your website is saying about you what you want.

Making Them Stay

The overall goal for your audiology marketing strategy is to attract viewers to your website. The goal of your website is to keep visitors on it, supplying them enough of the information they need and the motivation to contact you. If you have undertaken the hard work on your content marketing to have your page highly ranked in the search engines. Or invested in traditional marketing to bolster traffic to your website. It makes sense to ensure your visitor stays on your site, not just stay on it but then follow your call to action and contact you.

Good Design Leads To Conversion

The thoughts behind our web design is to ensure that your site speaks well of you, looks clearly on brand and delivers to your needs and your prospects needs. These are some of the ways that we do that, our goal is to improve the overall chances that a customer will stay on long enough on your website, to become interested in a consultation or purchase. You should ensure you are doing them too.

  • Make your call to action obvious on your home page. There must be a clear and concise call to action on your home page. In the case of our industry it could be  a headline such as “Free Hearing Test Provided”, “Book Your Test”, “Contact Us Now”. There are many calls to action that can be used, it depends on what your goal is and how you think the Patient would like to transition through your site. Be sure to include the solutions that you are providing also, however, do not get text heavy, detail the solutions as links. If they want more information they can click-through to a more in-depth explanation. The place to click needs to be obvious, practically shouting “CLICK ME, CLICK ME”. It astonishes us how many people don’t do this.
  • Put a call to action on every page. You never know when a prospect is going to decide when they want a test. By putting a call to action on every page you don’t need to guess. It will always be there waiting for them.
  • Write great headlines. Attracting readers is a big part of your motivation. But don’t write outrageous headlines that do not match your content. You need to ensure that you are not entering into any false advertising. You have maybe 30 seconds to catch someones attention, the headline may be the only thing they ever read. Make it a good one and there is a chance they will read a little more.
  • Improve readability. Add white space and ensure you are using fonts that are clear and attractive. Get rid of any clutter, think clean lines. Readers are more likely to stay on a site where it’s easier to see the information that they wish to see. Include clear high res pictures on your pages.
  • Have videos on the site. In our industry it is relatively easy to source high quality videos from manufacturers, embed them in your site. Several people within the industry are making their own videos, if you do it, make sure your production quality is high, the content is good, the presenter has a relatively decent screen presence and the finished video is edited and outputted in a relatively high-resolution. Every practice should have a welcome to our practice video on their about us page. People are lazy, they would rather watch a video, it also gives you the chance to connect with a prospect, let your personality shine through.
  • Include Patient testimonials. Ask your Patient’s for testimonials and video testimonials, if you have indeed treated them properly and provided solutions to their problems, they will be happy to provide them. Don’t be embarrassed to ask, a large proportion of your Patients would normally be happy to help you in some way. These testimonials will add authenticity and allow a prospective Patient to begin to trust you and your claims, they also may increase the chances a prospective Patient will look a bit deeper around your site.
  • Have a blog page on your site. Ensure the content is good, of interest to the potential customer and well written. Your blog the information provided and the tone it is provided in tends to be more informal, it is where your prospective customer finds out about your knowledge and ability to provide advice. This type of content marketing is imperative for healthcare businesses. It is the marketing that will reach most people through the search engine returns.
  • Keep the important information above the fold. Users need to see the core of your message without having to scroll down. so keep your core message and your call to action above the fold.
  • Make it easy to find information. Do not make it difficult to find information on your site. If somebody can not find what they are looking for easily, they will go back to the original search and try another company.
  • Have a prominent Search Box. Users need to have an easy way to find just what they are looking for. Make your search box enormous, ensure that any and all permutations of a search entered will lead them to what they are looking for on your site.
  • Use your Meta Titles & Descriptions. Meta titles and descriptions give you another shot at your keywords, use them well and use them wisely. Each one should be different and each one should be used to attack localised search phrases.

Use the preceding list as checklist, review your site and see how many elements that you have on your site. The best thing to do is to look at your site from a prospective Patients point of view. I realise that is difficult, but try it and ask yourself honestly what do you think of your site and what elements on your site would drive you away?

Web design fashions change as does the underlying technologies running sites. Is yours out dated, the vogue now is clean clear and easy to navigate. Most modern sites go for full screen looks and keep brand colours discreet using them for small elements only. Don’t forget, font is important, sans serif fonts are easy to read and the font should be 12 or 14. Black font on white background is often best for older eyes.

Worried About Your Web Presence?

Is your web presence saying what you want it to say? Is it driving trust and authority, more importantly is it driving conversions and leads? At Audiology Engine we intimately understand the ever changing SEO and web design world. We can support you in your practice by delivering solutions that will establish your online presence and marketing as an authority in the areas you practice


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