Your About Us, Create A Compelling Story

  • Written on Monday, August 11, 2014 by Geoffrey Cooling

Because That Is Exactly What Your About Us Page Should Be

When people choose to click on your about us page they are making an active choice to find out about you. They are in fact interested in finding out about you and your company. They want to find out how committed you are to solving their problems. In essence when they click through to that page they are looking for a way to connect to you. Or more clearly a way that you connect to them.

Then with all this underlying psychology going on, you serve them some sterile rubbish accompanied by address, phone and e-mail details and maybe a few social media profiles. A bit underwhelming for them I imagine and certainly no catalyst for connection. So think clearly about what you put on your about us page, here is a few tips.

Your about us should be about us

Your about us should actually be a page that is about you and your staff. It can include details and photos of your practice, but primarily it should be a place where you tell the nice folk about us.

Tell the folks about you and your staff

Tell them about you and your staff, your qualifications, your daily job and add a bit of personal. People like to see professional but human. Include your staff members, they work at your practice too and prospects will come into contact with them. Add some really nice photos of you and your staff on top of your bios.

Talk about your passion

Tell the kind folks about why you are passionate about what you do. I think most of us are passionate in this profession, passionate about people and helping them hear. You need to communicate that without being canned or corny.

Add some video

This is an ideal page to add a welcome to our practice video, it doesn’t need to be long. It just needs to cover the relevant points you wish to convey. It needs to be scripted but it needs to be natural. Some topics could be

  • longevity of the business
  • Why you are in business
  • Why you instead of someone else
  • Value proposition

Strong value proposition

You should put a strong value proposition statement on your about us page. It should be clear and it should tell the folks why they should pick you. This isn’t about pricing or special offers, it’s about setting out your differentiation. Sit for a while and write down five reasons why the folk should go to you, then put it on your page.

Call to action

You should always include a call to action, it could be a lazy “So why don’t you give us a call on +++++++++++. Or it could be a structured message box with a click to contact button. Whatever it is you need to include it, in fact you should include a call to action on every page that is on your website.

Spend some time, it will pay off

Spend some time here, not everyone will go to your about us page, but the people who do are looking for something specific. They are looking to find out about you, you and your practice. If you do it properly, you will give yourself the best opportunity to connect with those people. Connecting and engaging with those people brings you one step closer to those people as prospects.

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