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  • By Geoffrey Cooling F.I.B. on 28th November 2015

Worcester Hearing Centre

Some Nice Feedback & Reinforcement of Our Theory

In the last article, Audiology Websites Driving Revenue, I spoke about some of our websites, their commercial performance and the outcomes driven by them. During the week I received an email that seems to confirm the theory we have been working on that rises in ASP is been driven by the perception of the site and the brand. 

We have been trying to measure a lot of things in relation to the impact of our sites. Some are easy for us to measure like traffic, prospect views, rankings and on-site submissions. Others like revenue driven by those enquiries and perception of brand are a little more difficult. Thankfully one of our customers shares that information with us. I explained last week that when I spoke to him that he told me about an increase in his ASP.

After mulling it over and discussing the circumstances we came to the conclusion that an increase in the perception of authority in their brand driven by the website was playing a part. Then this week, he mailed me with some confirmation of the theory. He had taken to enquiring in a deeper manner as to what drove customers to him. This is what he discovered:

Hi Geoff,
Just wanted to let you know that I have done two sales for 4k each this week from people who chose us over boots specs amplifon hidden and the other independent in Worcs solely on the professional independent way in which our website is done. Both people commented on how good our website is and that we take the time to explain tech and only sell the latest and the best. You are actually making it easier for me to sell higher tech, I don’t have to work so hard explaining performance levels and I don’t sound like I’m trying to sham them with jargon as they have already read up on it and understand how the performance levels work.
This just reinforces what we were saying last week about asp!!

I love getting emails like this, we take great pride in supporting small Independent hearing health Practices. So it is always gratifying when we are told we are doing a great job. However this email was even more welcome because it reinforced that theory that had been floating around for a while. I believe that brand is probably the single most important element of a small business. However, it is easily the least understood business strategy. Many think Brand is for Coca Cola or Hoover, brand is as important for a small hearing healthcare practice. Because when your brand is right, it drives your business and your revenue. 

The perception of Worcester Hearing Centre as a premium hearing healthcare provider in the West Midlands is obviously being driven by it's online channels. I will ask you a parting question, how many of you have websites and social media channels that really support your brand? That say the right things and drive the right perception? Look at your online channels with honest eyes, then get them sorted out. Your bank balance will thank you. 

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